Blue Recruiting sent out an invitation to their database complete with an easy-to-fill-in RSVP form. They received over 200 responses in the space of 2 hours.



Iconic Africa sent out a catalogue to promote their holiday specials which included videos and the option to book via WhatsApp.



Hungry Lion ran a promotion that encouraged customers to share via social media.


Internal Training

DPSA used SEND-it™ to inform their employees about the importance of Covid regulations.


Lead Generation

Jaguar used SEND-it™ to advertise the option of test driving their Jaguar F-Pace SVR vehicles. Instead of sending out Whatsapp GIFS, they created a SEND-it™ with a reply form and generated a vast amount of interest.


New Product Launches

TopWatch used SEND-it™ to promote their premium watches with great success



Momentum uses Send-it to distribute its quarterly magazine "Jump" to all its members. The publication is brought to life with features such as subtle animation and live links.