Create and send mobile content in an innovative and
interactive way using SEND-it™

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Simple. Dynamic. Innovative.

SEND-it™ is an exciting mobile content delivery system which enables you to send content to any mobile device in a unique and interactive way.

Think images and text brought to life with animation, and live links to videos, websites and social media platforms.

Send invitations, create catalogues, distribute newsletters and so much more with SEND-it™.

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Want your customers to be able to click on a link and buy straight from your catalogue? Get viewers to engage in your service or product by embedding videos, adding sound clips, or including forms with your SEND-it™


SEND-it™ scales directly to your customer’s phone or tablet size with fully adaptive design, which means an optimised experience no matter what device you view it on.


From a one page promotion or creative business card to a detailed multi-page internal training manual - get creative without limitations. The sky is the limit.


SEND-it™ offers creative and impactful design that breaks through the clutter without breaking the bank.

Far Reaching

Want to reach as many people as possible? Considering the fact that more than 5 billion people have mobile phones, SEND-it™ is the way to go


Creating an advertising campaign can take weeks; with our super swift team of designers and content specialists, we can get your design out super quick.

Get in touch and let’s see how we can make the magic happen.